Each month Berean helps to support the following:


  • Dennis and Sue Anderson - serving with I AM Ministries in Southern Africa
  • Bibles for Russia - Dr Guy Goodell, Director
  • John and Carol Binzel - serving with Central Missionary Clearinghouse in Honduras
  • Keith and Bethany Carringer - starting an Hispanic ministry in Marion County FL
  • Jody and Terry Colson - serving with Baptist Mid-Missions in Chuuk Islands, Micronesia
  • Mike and Susan Cox - serving with CRU in Miamisburg OH
  • Peter and Julie Heisey - serving with Central Missionary Clearinghouse to the Ethnic Gypsies of Romania
  • Del and Lorna Hooge - serving with BBFI in the Philippines
  • Mission to Amish People - Joe Keim, Executive Director
  • Kevin and Laura Murdoch - Evangelist with Psalm 19:7 Ministry
  • Marty and Jessie Starling - serving with World Baptist Fellowship to Mexico and US Hispanics
  • Nobumasa and Beverly Tajima - serving with Baptist Mid-Missions in Japan
  • Wayne and Frances Witherell - serving with Baptist International Missions as supply missionaries
  • Steve and Pam Workman - serving with BBFI in Botswana

Teachers - Caregivers - Counselors

  • Paul and Miriam Beliasov - serving with Good News Jail and Prison Ministry in York PA
  • Christian Law Association - Attorney David C Gibbs Jr, Director
  • Hope Children's Home, Tampa FL
  • Keith and Carol James - serving with Rock of Ages Ministries
  • Ralph and Sandy Stokes - serving with Victory for Troubled Youth
  • M R Terelmes - Financial Advisor to small churches